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ChemDry City & Metro’s mattress and bedding cleaning will effectively clean, deodorise and remove any stains from your mattress, making it just like new. For over two decades, we’ve enjoyed a reputation as leading specialists in mattress cleaning in Sydney.

Bodily fluids, dead skin, fungal growth, and dust mites are just some of the things lurking in your mattress. In fact, the mattress can be one of

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least hygienic places in the home. Over the years, up to 10lbs of sweat, excretions, dead skin, dirt, fungus, bacteria and dust mite feces and eggs can accumulate in your mattress. Not only is this disgusting, it can actually compromise the health of the person sleeping in the bed, leading to respiratory problems ranging from stuffy nose to trouble breathing.

Your bed is supposed to be where you come to relax, unwind and rejuvenate, and this can’t happen if your body is being attacked by aggressive allergens, and if the quality of your sleep is being affected by difficulty breathing. Make an investment in the health and happiness of everyone in your home and have your mattress cleaned every six months.

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Regularly cleaning your mattress can also significantly increase its lifespan, so you won’t have to replace it as often. This can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Not only do our mattress cleaning services improve the hygiene of your mattress, but it also improves its looks by removing stains, especially unsightly stains caused by sweat and body oil.

Rest assured. Our team specialises on mattress cleaning in Sydney homes.

We know exactly what you’re up against when it comes to keeping a clean sleeping environment. We know how weather can impact sleep quality and conditions, and how it can affect the cleanliness of your mattress. An extremely hot and humid summer can result in a proliferation of dust-mites, since they thrive in these conditions. Likewise, this weather leads to increased sweating and body oils, which will also take a toll on your mattress.

The solution? Have your mattress cleaned by our professional team of experts.

ChemDry City & Metro’s mattress cleaning services are:

EFFECTIVEChemDry City & Metro Sydney uses a hot water extraction method which lifts dirt and stains from your mattress.
GENTLEChemDry City & Metro Sydney uses a technique which is gentle on your mattress, yet very effective. Our solutions are all safe and non-toxic.
HYGENICWith soiled or dirty mattresses there is a danger of potential risks to health and hygiene, not to mention their unpleasant appearance. We will ensure you have a clean and germ-free sleeping environment.

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In addition to having your mattress cleaned at least twice a year, here are some other ways you can create an ideal sleeping environment for you and everyone in your home.

Tips for optimal sleep:

  • Use a fitted sheet designed for the size of your mattress to provide a layer of protection between your body and your mattress. A poorly fitting sheet will slip, exposing areas of mattress which will become increasingly dirty.
  • Wash your sheets every week. Over time, your sheets will become saturated with dirt, body oils and secretions and sweat. Washing them every week ensures that minimal dirt and grime seeps through to your mattress. It is a good idea to have two sets of linen for every mattress so one can go on while the other is being washed. This rotation will also prolong the life of your sheets, since the wear will be spread out between the two sets.
  • By a mattress pad for every bed. This will prolong the list of your mattress by preventing body oils and excretions from permeating your mattress. However, it will not protect against dust-mites and their feces and eggs, so regular cleaning is still necessary.
  • Sleep in a cool room. It’s hard to sleep properly in the heat, so make sure your bedroom is cool. The ideal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Our bodies have different temperatures throughout the day, and is higher in the early afternoon. As our bodies begin to crave much needed R&R, our temperatures lower, which facilitates a deeper slumber for optimal rejuvenation and rest. Use fans, open windows or AC to get the right temperature. Also, limit your bed coverings as needed.
  • Sleep in darkness. For the best night sleep, make sure you room is pitch black. You shouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face. Light will inhibit your body’s production of melatonin, which is the hormone that encourages sleep.

Call us now on 1800 880 065 or speak directly to our Operations Manager on 0407 800 876. You may also book online and our office will call you within 2 hours to confirm time and details.