We have been providing a professional carpet cleaning service now for over 22 years.

Our guaranteed Chemdry Sydney cleaning process can be used on a vast range of items in your home office.

We offer cleaning services Sydney-wide including Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore & Northern Beaches.

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ChemDry awards, credentials and guarantee

Sydney’s Carpet and Upholstery cleaning services

This guaranteed ChemDry cleaning and protection process can be used on an inclusive range of items in your home or office, including:

We offer our carpet cleaning services in Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore and Northern Beaches. Call 1 800 880 065 or make an online booking now.

You don’t want to wait. Regular cleaning helps prolong the life of your carpets, so not only do they look better, but they last longer. This means you don’t have to replace your carpets as frequently, and you can enjoy the investment you’ve made in your home decor for years to come. If you’re planning on selling your home or office, a clean, maintained carpet will also increase your resale value.

Live Clean, Breathe Clear

Having a clean carpet is about more than aesthetics, though. Sure, dingy, dirty carpets and upholstery look bad, but they also compromise the air quality of your space. Dust, pet dander, dirt and other allergens run rampant on unclean carpets, and this can affect your ability to breathe well. Taking in lungfuls of filthy air isn’t healthy for anyone, but especially not the very young or very old, whose lungs are not at optimal capacity, or someone who suffers from respiratory disorders like asthma.

We are experts in the cleaning business

Our team has been carpet cleaning Sydney and beyond for over 20 years, and during that time, we’ve amassed the knowledge, skill and tools to expertly clean your carpets, and purify your living and working environment. Whether you need dry cleaning services after a party, specialised cleaning services after a beloved pet has left an unfortunate mark, stain removal after your grandkids come to visit or steam cleaning after water damage, we have the friendliest, most adept professionals in the industry. We can restore and revive your space – we guarantee it.

We stand by our guarantee because part of being the best in the business is putting your clients needs first, and we know you are hiring the experts because you want the job done right. So we do it. Your home or office is in good hands. Call us and see. You’ll consult with one of our team – not a call centre or a third party – but one of our experts who has experience in the field, tackling the most stubborn stains and toughest jobs on delicate surfaces and in intricate situations.

Our work is guaranteed, so get in touch!

Quotes are free, and our service is guaranteed. Another selling point? Our competitive prices. You won’t get this exceptional service anywhere else for such an affordable rate. If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas, then look no further. Give us any job, in any space, of any size. ChemDry City & Metro Carpet Cleaning has your carpet covered. Call 1800 880 065 to consult expert carpet cleaners in Sydney!

Do you need carpet cleaning in or across Sydney, including Sydney’s CBD? At City & Metro Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, our ChemDry cleaning process is the best in the business!. This means we’re able to provide unsurpassed levels of quality to our customers in the Sydney area. With ChemDry carpet cleaning, you can say goodbye to the toughest stains, recover following a flood, and restore your upholstery to its former glory.

Providing ChemDry carpet cleaning throughout Sydney

As specialists who provide ChemDry in Sydney, no carpet cleaning challenge is beyond our reach. Our treatments are non-toxic, which means it’s safe for your children and pets to be around your carpet after we finish. The unique ChemDry cleaning process is also incredibly fast – with carpets and upholstery ready to walk on and enjoy in under 2 hours.

We believe that cleaning a carpet requires much more than removing surface stains. As dedicated carpet cleaners in Sydney, we offer a deep clean service that will breathe new life into your fabrics.

Why you should use ChemDry in Sydney

With more than 20 years of expert carpet care, the City Metro Carpet Cleaning team knows what it takes to achieve excellent results. We take great pride in achieving amazing results with every job we complete. Whether you need us for a basic carpet cleaning service or you’re looking for someone to remove tough pet odours or stains, we’ll surpass your expectations.

In fact we are so sure you’ll love your ChemDry clean that we guarantee all of our work.

Tackling the tough tasks you can’t face

Whether it’s a pet odour that won’t budge or a tough stain that’s making your stress levels rise, we’re up to the challenge. Our accredited approach to carpet cleaning in Sydney achieves the best results with an entirely green approach.

If you need someone to tackle your dust mites and make your carpets more allergy-friendly, come to us. Most of our carpets are safe to walk on in under 2 hours, too. So you don’t need to worry about bacteria or mildew growth once the task is complete.

Bringing your upholstery back to life

When you love your upholstery, but it’s smelling and looking a little tired, don’t throw it away just yet. With the ChemDry approach, we can bring your upholstery back to life. Our deep cleaning techniques provide long-lasting results. Most of our upholstery work will dry within four to five hours, so you can return to using your upholstery again in no time.

Commercial carpet cleaners 

We offer commercial services across Sydney too. We provide professional cleaning programs that come with minimal disruption. Our experience in serving various commercial outfits throughout Sydney means we can tackle challenges that are unique to different industries.

Disaster recovery carpet cleaning

Following a leak or a flood, you need to act quickly to prevent long-term damage to your carpet. We use industry-renowned techniques to restore fabrics back to their pre-disaster condition. Our approach is quick and efficient, plus we’ll make sure there’s minimal fuss involved for you. Using our approach to flood-damaged carpets, you may be able to avoid paying for a new fitting.

At City & Metro Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, we provide ChemDry services in Sydney. To get a quote or to arrange for someone to attend your property, call 1800 880 065.