Mattress Cleaning in Sydney

With ChemDry City & Metro mattress & bedding cleaning we can effectively clean, deodorise and remove any stains from your mattress – making it just like new.

The professional ChemDry City & Metro Sydney Team are the mattress cleaning specialists.

Bodily fluids, dead skin, fungal growth, dustmites and their eggs and excrement are just some of the things lurking in your mattress – in fact, the mattress can be one of least hygienic places in the home. We recommend having your mattresses cleaned every six months – a worthwhile investment in the health of your family.

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mattress cleaning
EFFECTIVEChemDry City & Metro Sydney use a hot water extraction method which lifts dirt and stains from your mattress.
GENTLEChemDry City & Metro Sydney use a technique which is gentle on your mattress, yet very effective. Our solutions are all safe and non-toxic.
HYGENICWith soiled or dirty mattresses there is a danger of potential risks to health abnd hygiene, not to mention their unpleasant appearance. We will ensure you have a clean and germ-free sleeping environment.

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